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Alpha Returns s an innovative, immersive gaming experience that leverages the power of NFTs to transform the way players interact with in-game assets. In this blockchain-based universe, you have the opportunity to embark on epic adventures, build an empire, and become a true legend.


A thrilling multiplayer gaming experience that offers excitement and entertainment, whether you're flying solo or teaming up with friends and fellow gamers

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In this dynamic gaming experience, your skills and dedication pay off like never before.

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Acquire unique NFTs that hold real-world value. From skins and weaponry to skills, all your in-game assets are tokenized, making your collection truly special.

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Convert your NFTs into valuable cryptocurrencies by selling them, enabling you to diversify your digital assets and explore other crypto options

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About Alpha returns

A Battle Royal, PUBG and Call of Duty inspired game where players can fight on their own or form powerful teams and compete against others. The mission is to survive in different gameplay modes:

Web3 Innovation:

At the core of Alpha Returns is profound web3 innovation, driven by blockchain technology

NFT Integration:

Unique NFT integration lets you collect, trade, and enhance in-game assets for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Varied Game Modes:

Choose from intense Death Matches, cooperative Team Deathmatches, or dynamic Duos Mode to suit your gaming style.

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